The Best Gift I Could Ever Get For Mother’s Day

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Forget the flowers, keep the candy, drink the wine, that’s not what I want on this special Sunday in May.  I need technical help for my Mother’s Day.  Somebody to spend an hour with me explaining exactly where that cloud thingie really is, teaching me how to capture a photo of my beautiful daughter on Snapchat.  I swear I saw it there for a minute and then it was gone. Where did it go?

The best present I could ever get for Mother’s Day isn’t an afternoon at the zoo with the grandkids or brunch at a nice restaurant with the two-year-old screaming. I don’t need another plant to try to keep alive for three months, I need somebody to make my computer run like it did in the beginning.  I want a fast download and good streaming app and I have no idea how to get one.

I love my kids and my grandkids and I want to be able to Skype and Facetime with them, but how do I do that?  I want to know what apps work best with my iPhone and how to file them so I can find them.

If you must get something wrapped, a nice screen protector for my phone would sure help me out.  Better yet, how about a car mount for my phone.  I won’t ever have to call you again and ask you to Google directions to that new basket store.

The more I think about it, a WynWay Gift Card would say “I love you Mom” the best. You can get them in denominations of $25, $50, $75 or $100. Like you told me last Christmas (when you called from your ski trip), “a gift card would be great, than I can just get whatever I really want.”

With a gift card, I could get my computer cleaned up and running faster, take a class and buy those extra cables.  If your brother and sister go in on the gift, I might even be able to get that cute blue case for my iPhone.

I could take a class from WynWay and learn how to text, instagram and snapchat all those cute vacation pictures your father and I took on that last trip that you couldn’t make with us. I guess I could bring my slide projector over to your house and do it that way. But, I know you don’t have a nice white wall for me project them on.

It’s nice to know my relationship with my children is more than just a quick call, early dinner or babysitting service.  I have the kind of kids who don’t have to send a sappy card to celebrate a holiday. They understand  the importance of gift cards. I’m lucky to be a mother whose kids want to keep up with the world of technology. Who are proud to say, “That snapchat is from my mom. Isn’t it clever the way she added that quote to the picture and emailed it to me instead of plastering it all over Facebook…”

Yep, you keep the “You’re the Best Mom” in the world Hallmark, I’d rather have a WynWay Gift Card.  That’s the best gift I could ever get. You can order one by calling 765-692-3100 or stopping by their office at 122 E. Washington Street in downtown Greencastle.

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