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What is branding? It’s all about creating a niche in the mind of the consumer of what your business identity is about. It works for two important reasons. The first is that humans are hardwired to think in terms of identity. Consumers are more confident buying from someone they think they “know.” A brand gives your company a face, a name and a reputation.

Secondly, brands work via a subtle process of subconscious association. This forces consumers to look at the imagery and language of your company. A great example of this is the Nike swish. As soon as you see that symbol you know whose brand it is. But, Nike didn’t stop there, they also added the marketing line “just do it.” Not only do you instantly recognize Nike but you also think, speed, energy, sports, etc. It’s a well done subtle message created with visuals and carefully crafted words.

Another brand easily recognized is one of my favorites–Chick-Fill-A. Their “eat mor chiken” campaign featuring a cow is one of the great commercials of the last two decades. All you need to see is the cow holding a sign to know whose brand it is. And, it always elicits a chuckle or two.

Unfortunately, today’s customers aren’t necessarily loyal to any brand–at least not for the same reasons their parents or grandparents were. Even companies with great identities can lose customers. In our fast-paced and tech-driven world, companies are discovering that customers have plenty of other options. While this is disconcerting to business owners, there are ways to ensure your customers come back. To do so, you must provide quality, be honest, keep up with the industry, be accessible and be solution-oriented.

One of the most important keys to being successful in any business is to provide quality products and quality service. It won’t matter if you have the most responsive website or most relevant communication, if you are not providing a quality product and backing it up with the best customer service. If you don’t offer this your clients are going to leave and never come back.

You have to be honest. if you make a mistake, your site gets hacked, or your app doesn’t work–own it. Tell your customers what happened and what you are doing to fix it. You will gain their trust by being upfront and honest. They know if you are truthful about the problems then you are honest about everything else. It’s also important to be honest in how you sell your product. Make sure any promises you make are delivered. If you create an expectation you better deliver. If your customers find they know what to expect from you they won’t be let down.

Make sure you are keeping up with your industry and its trends. Are there new versions or products in the pipeline? Be prepared for any advances in your field. For example, you have an email marketing company and you hear that Google is changing how gmail will handle marketing messages. You need to make sure you are prepared for the changes and that your clients understand them and know what you are doing about them.

Be Accessible. This doesn’t just mean your clients can call you or email and get a quick response. It means all your forms of communication–website, mobile device, iPad, landing pages, etc. are all responsive.

More than 70% of Internet users are accessing websites from a mobile device. Creating a web experience for your customers that translates well, no matter what device they’re using, is an absolute necessity for success.

Make sure your website is built in a custom, responsive framework. So if one customer clicks on the link on the iPad, one on their laptop and another on a phone, they all have a seamless user experience. This helps them develop into more loyal customers. WynWay can help you design and develop a website that will make your client’s experience a positive one.

Be Solution-oriented. Anytime a customer has an issue. Listen to them and respond to them quickly. Make sure they know if anything goes wrong you will be at their side offering a solution.

Customer service is key in building a successful, loyal client base. Make sure your customer service team is fast, friendly and have the tools and resources they need to give customers a resolution to any issue. And, listen to them. If you listen and respond quickly you are much more likely to create a long term relationship, maybe even a lifelong one.

It’s great to be Nike or Chick-Fill-A and have that kind of brand recognition. Remember, it took a lot of work, imagination and dedication to create their brands. You can do it too. And, if you need help doing so just give WynWay a call at 765-692-3100.

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