How to Create foolproof Passwords

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With all the scams and identity thieves trolling the internet these days, one of the best ways to protect yourself is with secure passwords. Here is an easy way to create secure logins that you won’t forget.

First, choose a phrase or sentence with at least 10 words or a mix of words and numbers. Pick something that is memorable to you such as a family event, song lyric or favorite quote. For instance, I choose this statement: “My Son Started At College in 2009.”

Next uppercase the first letter of each word. Now you have MSSAC2009. Now, swap in symbols for a few letters. Capital S would become $ and the a could be @. Now it reads M$$@C2009.

Lastly, make one or two of the uppercase letters lowercase. Do this where you think it makes the most sense. I would pick the capital C above and make it a lower c. Now you have M$$@c2009.

This way your password should meet any website’s password requirements plus you have a password that is pretty tough to crack.

You’re not done yet. You should not use the exact same password for every website. You can customize your basic password by adding on the first two and last two letters of the URL. For example: Put the letters on either side of your password above. You’ll get: AMM$$@c2009ON.

All you have to remember is your basic password. And, if you do this for all your passwords it should be easy to remember the process.

Still worried about security?

There are a few things you can do as a back-up plan. Save a typed list of your passwords to the Cloud which is encrypted. Don’t know where to find The Cloud? Go to and sign in. You will need to remember your iCloud log-on information so you might want to print it out and put it someplace safe AWAY from your computer.

Still worried? Use a password manager App like LastPass, RoboForm, DataVault and mSecure. These are all legitimate brands and most are free from the App store. Do be aware of scams for any apps made outside the United States or ones that ask for odd permissions.

If you need helping setting up security on your devices, call us at WynWay. We’ll be happy to help you find the most secure ways to protect your information. We also offer WynShops on Scam Alerts and how to keep your computer safe. Give us a call at 765-692-3100 or register on line at

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