Cutting the Cord Not So Bad

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Cutting the cord on cable television was actually not a bad experience. At least so far. My husband and I had been thinking about doing it for awhile. We know quite a few “young” people who go this route. Our cable company has continued to raise our rates every couple of months and we decided it was time to try something new. We began preparing for it about a month ago which turned out to be very timely. We were paying over $175 for a “bundled service” that included a landline phone, internet and cable. That didn’t include any perks like HBO or Showtime, just the extended basic programming.

We called and had another company install internet at our house and went out and bought Roku devices for the two televisions we watch. We had them set up and ready to use before we called the cable provider and cut the cord. Since we both use our cell phones giving up a landline was easy.

Note: our cable company turned off our service right after we called despite asking for it to terminate the following Monday so be prepared for unfriendly cable customer service.

We turned on the Roku and subscribed to Sling which gives us a choice of channels that live stream like History, Food, Travel, AMC, HGTV, Lifetime, ABC Family and few others. We are Amazon Prime members so we get a lot of movies and series from them. We added Hulu ($7.99 a month) to our mix which gives us ABC, NBC, PBS and Fox (no CBS) and lots of other channel choices as well as movies. These are not live air but many programs are available next day.

We did subscribe to CBS separately for an additional $6.50 because it has the majority of the local live shows we like to watch. These air live as well as having past episodes. We will probably add Netflix when it’s all said and done. All, in all our cable bill of $175 was slashed to less than $100 a month (including our internet bill).

To be honest, I don’t really notice much difference. Occasionally the Roku has to digitize in the middle of a show and it does take a few minutes for it to open the channel we want but if that’s the worse thing to happen, I’m still a happy camper.

The only possible issue we have is that we will have to head out sometimes to a local watering hole to watch our IU basketball games and the hubby’s Bronco games (yes, he defected from the Colts when Peyton left). But, beer or margaritas during a ballgame are always a plus for me.

I’m not a television connoisseur and probably only watch about 20 channels. If you are a big sports buff this is not the way to go. But, if you life isn’t tied to watching certain shows on the night they air and like the option of watching entire series of shows, this is great.

I’ve only spent two weekends with my Roku so I’ll have to keep you posted on how well it works but so far it has been a good experience.

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