Don’t Fall for a Phone Scam

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The bad guys are at it again. There is a new scam in town. In the last few years, online service providers like Google, Yahoo and Facebook began sending emails to their users when there was a possible security risk such as a log-on to your account from an unknown computer.

In the past, scammers have copied these emails and tried to trick people into logging into a fake website which they set up to steal your username and password. NOW, they are sending these fake security emails with a 1-800 number that they tell you to call immediately.

If you do call this number (and we are telling you not to do so), two things may happen:
First you talk to a real life internet criminal who is ready to scam you. They will tell you there is an issue with your computer and they can fix it and will ask for your credit card.

Next you get sent to a voicemail and left hanging until you end the call. But your phone number has been put into a queue and these same fellows will now try calling you to trick you into giving them your credit card information claiming your computer has an issue and they can fix it. They can’t or won’t fix it so don’t give it to them.

Don’t call any numbers or give out your information over the internet unless you know it is a creditable source. If you have fallen prey to one of these scams call WynWay immediately at 765-692-3100 and let us check your device to make sure everything is okay.

We offer Individual Tech Help for $9.99 a month for one device. (That’s $119.88 for a year of peace of mind). Our Tech Help includes virus removals, tune-ups, speed boosts, troubleshooting, quick questions and online support. Call us at 765-692-3100 and ask us about it.

Remember, if you get any emails promising something too good to be true or threatening you with a negative consequence if you don’t act right away, stop and think about it before you click or pick up the phone to call an 800 number.

At WynWay, we provide technology services to clients across the country while being locally owned and operated in Greencastle, Indiana. Feel free to stop into our office between 10:00 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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