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It’s finally Spring.  And, that means it’s time for some fun–as in–fun gadgets.  There are several items out in the techie world that are just plain amusing and enjoyable to use.  These include USB-drive cufflinks, a smartpen, pocket size wireless router, virtual keyboard and a folding bluetooth keyboard.  Here’s the lowdown:

USB-drive cufflinks

These are fabulous for dress shirt business types and oh, so very James Bondish.  Sold by, each link contains 4GB of flash memory and a concealed USB connector.  So next time you are presenting at an event and the laptop file poops out, you can pop out a backed up file on your USB cufflinks.  Just pop the cufflink open and plug it in.

These are available in silver, gold and gunmetal finishes for only $110 for the set.  You can even have them engraved if you want a more personal touch.

Livescribe Echo Smartpen

These is one of my all time favorite gadgets.  The Livescribe Echo Smartpen lets you record audio while you are writing notes.  The memory holds between 400 and 800 hours of recorded audio, depending on which pen you have.

It includes an OLED display (this works without a backlight and is thinner and lighter than a LCD display) that makes it easy to navigate smartpen apps.  You can save and share interactive notes to your computer, iPad or iPhone via a micro-USB connector that also allows you to recharge your pen. Prices for the pen start at $169.95.

Pocket-sized Wireless Mini Router/Repeater

A perfect solution for people on the go, the Wireless Multifunction Mini Router provides a robust wireless network solution.  It’s a great option for high-bandwidth apps like video streaming, VoIP and online gaming and offers speeds up to 300 Mbps.  It fits in your pocket and is a steal at only $34.99.

Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

This is one terrific product for anyone who needs to use a keyboard.  The new Folding Bluetooth Keyboard has a full QWERTY keyboard and real-click keys that offer the feel of laptop typing but in a slim, foldable design.  It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth.  Cost is $59.99

Virtual Keyboard

The future is at your fingertips with this revolutionary laser technology.  With this device you can project a virtual keyboard on any flat surface, including your desk.  It uses advanced optics to track your fingers and connects via Bluetooth so you can easily connect to your Apple or Android smartphone, laptop or tablet.  It’s powered by a rechargeable li-ion battery and includes a USB cord.  It’s a mere $119.99.

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