Future Trends in Technology

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When a lot of really smart people spend years working on a technology product and spend tons of money doing so, it’s probably going to become an industry trend. At least that’s the way it seems to work in this business.

We seem to be on the brink of a new digital paradigm, where the capabilities of our technology are beginning to outstrip our own abilities. Computers will soon be driving our cars and making medical diagnoses without a physical examination. And there are several new trends driving all of it.

So, what are some of these new trends?

No-Touch Interfaces
It’s what we do normally in life. We use our voice, hands and touch to communicate. Now, we have technology that lets us do that with our computers and other devices. The technology is here, it’s just waiting for people to start using it.

No-Touch Interfaces like Microsoft’s Kinect, Apple’s Siri and Google’s Project Glass are great examples of the no touch interface. This recognition technology is accelerating and before long computer interfaces may be indistinguishable from people.

If you are a business and have lots of bucks to spend you might want to try Mezzanine. This is video-conferencing using sensors mounted to the ceiling to let you drag documents around on a virtual whiteboard. You do this with a wand but still have access to a mouse button. By the way, WynWay has the largest white board in Putnam County. Stop by and see how we can use it to help you build your business.

If you don’t have the cash or space for an installation like Mezzanine, you can use Kinect. This is a PC, projector and software that turns any surface into an interactive touch screen. The price for it starts at $149 and goes up depending on how big a screen you are interested in using. It works for everything from Angry Birds to projecting recipes on the kitchen wall.

Native Content is the new digital battlefield and the war is being fought in your living rooms. Netflix, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Apple and cable companies are all vying for this market which delivers consumer entertainment.

One of the best emerging strategies is that of developing original programming in order to attract and maintain a subscriber base. Original content is where it’s at. For those not so techie inclined–think HBO, who pioneered the strategy with their original programming. But, even this is changing with their HBO GO app, which is currently a subscription but could easily become a competitor for Netflix.

Massively Online is the current rage with multiplayer online games like World of Warcraft. Rather than playing against the computer, you can play with thousands of others in real time. Expect to see more of these types of games.

Computing Everywhere–This trend has even invaded politics with President Obama using Ask Me Anything on Reddit and Google Hangouts to reach ordinary voters. As the mobile device segment continues to increase, the needs of users increase as well. These devices are already part of an expanding environment that includes things like consumer electronics and screens that are connected in the workplace as well as public space.

3D Printing
Worldwide shipments of 3D printers are projected to grow 98 percent in 2015 and double that number in 2016. The cost for these devices is decreasing and the market for them is expanding significantly. New industrial, biomedical and consumer applications demonstrate that the 3D printer is real and is a cost-effective means that can be used to improve designs and streamline prototypes.

Smart Machines
Think of robots, virtual personal assistants and smart advisors. These already exist and are evolving rapidly. The world of George Jetson is fast approaching as deep analytics are applied to these devices which are programed to understand their environment, learn for themselves and act autonomously. We are about to see a new era of smart machine helpers.

While maybe not a “true” smart machine, take a look at the new Tesla Model S electric vehicles many of which are coming equipped for autopilot with a camera mount, radar and ultrasonic sonar sensors to automatically drive the Model S on the open road and in dense stop and go traffic. Changing lanes becomes as simple as a tap of the turn signal.

When you arrive at your destination, Model S will both detect a parking spot and automatically park itself. Standard equipment safety features are constantly monitoring stop signs, traffic signals and pedestrians, as well as for unintentional lane changes.

Model S helps you find a parking spot and automatically parks in it. In the city, it will notify you when it finds a parallel parking spot, then control steering, acceleration and deceleration to back smoothly into it. When approaching a Supercharger station, Model S automatically parks in an open stall. Model S will even park itself in your garage at home.

Smart security systems, smart cars, vacuum cleaners that run on their own and hundreds of other products are out there just waiting to hit the market. If you want to know about new technology, give WynWay a call at 765-692-3100. We’ll be glad to share our knowledge with you.

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