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Getting the New iPhone 6s Not as Easy as It Sounds

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It’s a little like Christmas today for WynWay Owner George Velazquez, Jr. He picked up his new iPhone 6s at the Apple Store this morning. Of course, it took all morning and there was some tangled tinsel in the Apple tree but in the end George came home with a pretty nifty new phone.

Over two weeks ago, George ordered a phone and made a reservation at the Apple Store to pick it up. The closest store to Putnam County is at Keystone at the Crossing in Indianapolis so it took awhile to get there. He only had to wait in line a few minutes but it took over 2 ½ hours to get everything arranged.

The good news about his experience is that he has some suggestions for anyone preparing to get one of the new phones.

“Don’t do the Apple iPhone Upgrade Program,” he says. “I went with the AT&T Next 12 plan after spending the time having the Apple Technician enter all my information, credit card, etc into an application system, only to have it denied with no explanation as to why. And, most of the people around me were having the same experience.”

“I wasted a ridiculous amount of time because of it,” adds George.

George opted for the AT&T Next 12 Plan which is basically a leasing plan for 12 months which allows you to upgrade to the newest model at the end of those 12 months at the same monthly rate (plus a $15 upgrade fee). You don’t get to keep your old phone, you turn it in for a new one on this installment plan.

They offer other plans (18 and 24 months) but techie types like George prefer the 12 month plan so they get the latest and greatest when it first hits the market. The cost of the programs vary also depending upon the type of phone and how you want to pay for it. In George’s case his new phone will cost him about $501.83 or approximately $37.45 a month plus an upfront cost of $52.43 for the taxes. The monthly continues for the new phone should he decide to get one in 12 months. And, this doesn’t include the $9 a month insurance from AT&T.

All the time and effort George spent going after the iPhone upgrade plan was mostly wasted. He ended up paying more and getting less. On the iPhone upgrade plan he is paying $62.87 more a year and not getting AppleCare+ insurance.

Back to the Apple Store story:
Next, George gets his phone which is still in the box. Often, when you get a new phone the sales associate will take it out and help you set it up. For some reason that didn’t happen. Because George is pretty knowledgeable about iPhones, it wasn’t a big deal. If you aren’t comfortable doing this yourself, ask for help before you leave.

If you are comfortable doing it yourself, make sure you do check the phone and start your own setup before you leave the store. In George’s case, his pretty new phone had a flaw in it. The LCD backlight was not working correctly. So, he had to have another chat with the Apple staff.

Apple only had enough phones in their store for the people who made reservations so there were no extras to exchange. They were eventually able to get a phone from someplace else and replace his faulty one. Sounds fairly simple, right?

Wrong. They had to disconnect the first phone and active the new phone. By now, George has been in the Apple store for over 2 ½ hours. This is on top of driving time from Greencastle to the northside of Indianapolis. And, he spent 3 hours on the phone two weeks earlier with AT&T canceling his old installment plan in order to sign up for the iPhone Upgrade Plan from Apple.

Wisely, George asked for some type of compensation for time and frustration. And, he was rewarded by Apple giving him a very nice leather case for his new phone (a $50 value).

All in all, he left the Apple Store with his new phone and new case, a fairly happy man.

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