Gift Certificates Make Great Valentine Gifts

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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and what says I love you more than a WynWay Gift Certificate good for services, training or accessories for your sweetheart’s devices. Flowers, candy and romantic dinners are so passe. What your special valentine needs is a new phone case, screen protector, bluetooth speaker or pretty colored charging cables. Maybe even a home visit for personal training on their computer or phone.

What’s romantic about any of these items?

A screen protector tells your honey you want their phone to keep working so you can facetime, facebook or skype with them just to see their smile everyday and without cracks or protruding glass shards getting in the way.

A new case says “I love how stylish and chic you are.” With a WynWay Gift Certificate you don’t even have to choose the color or size. Let your loved one pick it out themself.

Cables, what woman doesn’t love her some cables? We have lots of different sizes and colors. They will make her life so much easier–longer cables, colored cables, extra cables and wall chargers. We have it all.

A car mount for their phone means you want them to be able to see their Google maps and get where they are going safely. As long as they promise not to text from it.

How about a bluetooth speaker so you can rock out together during a quiet dinner on the patio or play that special song right outside her window in the moonlight. Ahh, sweet romance.

Nothing says I love you like a new Mac charger. Keep them connected and in touch 24/7. The glow she’ll get from it is better (and safer) than 20 lighted candles.

Is your sweetie having trouble using their iPhone or computer? Do you get the eye roll and sigh when you try to explain how things work to them? Don’t worry, they can sign up for WynWay’s Personal Training and pay with a Gift Certificate. You’re off the hook and they will learn all the tricks necessary to track you around town.

Are they walking around with a cracked screen? Tired of picking glass slivers out of their fingers? With a WynWay Gift Certificate you can repair it for them. No more cuts or crying (at least over the broken screen). We can repair an iPhone 4, 5, 5C, 5S, or 6 same day.

Gift Certificates come in $25, $50, $75 and $100 increments. Call us at 765-692-3100 or stop in between 2:30 and 7 p.m. Monday through Friday to pick up the perfect gift for your valentine.

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