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Did you find some great techie toys on cyber Monday or Black Friday?   There are some pretty cool ones out there that kids of all ages will enjoy.  From robot dogs and quadcopters to bracelet looms and mini Nintendo’s, Santa’s techie shop is offering it all this Christmas.

Here is our list of fun techie toys this season:

Chip the Robot Dog from WowWee

This is Sony’s line of robot dogs.  Chip the Robot Dog from WowWee is affectionate  and trainable. (WowWee kind of sounds like WynWay so how could we not love it?)  Because of sensors packed inside his cute shell, he responds to touch.  He will follow his owner as long as they are wearing the SmartBand included in their purchase.  Chip will even play fetch with his Bluetooth SmartBall and take himself back to his charging station.  He costs around $200.

Revell Quadcopter Steady Quad Cam

Looking for a kid friendly drone?  Check out the Revell Quadcopter Steady Quad Cam. Aimed at users aged 14 and up, this toy features a height control assistant making it easier to control (and less likely to crash too often).  It offers video recording and 4GB of storage so the kiddo’s can edit aerial footage after the drone has landed.  Cost for this toy is about $110.


Jewelry is a girl’s best friend and the i-Loom brings bracelet making to a new level.  This device holds various spools of colored string and makes following the instructions for bracelet making much easier.  You do need an iPad (which you have to provide yourself). It attaches in the center of the device and gives on-screen instructions for creating different friendship bracelets.  Additional designs can be unlocked with in-app purchases.  Kids can create their own designs and share their ideas with friends on social media.  The i-Loom costs around $45.

Kurio Watch

Is your kid bugging you for an Apple Watch but you find yourself balking at spending that much? The Kurio Watch may be the perfect gift for under the tree.  It’s not an Apple Watch or Samsung Gear but it’s a great choice for youngsters who want their own smartwatch.  This device features a camera, built-in games and music playback.

It can send messages to other Kurio watches via Bluetooth (so you may want to pick up more than one).  You can send emojis, doodles, texts, voice messages and photos to a paired Android app.  It’s aimed at six to 12 year-olds who can also use it as a watch.  It’s available for approximately $60.

View-Master VR

Remember those wonderful old View Masters that you played with as a kid.  With the new View-Master VR your little ones can enjoy hours of the same kind of fun but in virtual reality. It’s a lot more age appropriate than the Oculus Rift or Sony’s PlayStation VR for young folks. This new version of an old toy offers things like space, wildlife and landmarks in the viewer.  Simply pop a smartphone into the viewer and load the accompanying app.

If you like the retro feel, these also come via with wheel discs which look similar to the old stereoscopic viewers.  Different experiences can be purchased through the app including Dinosaurs and Underwater adventures.  The new View-Master costs about $20 with experience packs being around $8 each.

Fisher-Price Code-A-Pillar

Apparently you are never too young to start learning about coding.  Fisher-Price has created a cute caterpillar aimed at three to five year-olds that comes in nine easy-to-connect sections that can be rearranged to make it travel in different directions, light up and make sounds.  Your toddler may not be ready to create a new robot but they will have a grasp on the principles of problem solving and sequencing when they spend time with this toy. Cost is around $45.

Dot and Dash Wonder Pack Robots

These are pretty darn cute and designed to teach kids about coding and robotics.  Either iOS or Android apps are used with these robots which let kids use their imagination, solve puzzles and play games.  They come with lots of accessories including a ball launcher, xylophone, bulldozer bar and snap on Lego adapter.  You can buy Dot and Dash separately but the Wonder Pack includes both robots and all the accessories mentioned above for about $250.

Razor RipStik Electric

Scooters still rule in a kid’s world. This new model looks a lot like the original version but features an in-wheel hub motor and is controlled with a joystick type remote. It propels itself and riders can speed up to 10 mph and steer by angling their foot over the front caster wheel.  If you fall off, the device abruptly stops so you don’t have to worry about it driving itself off.  Recommended for kids aged nine years and up.  Cost is approximately $150.

Nintendo Classic Mini

Everybody is going to want to play with this one. The nintendo Classic Mini is a small replica NES loaded with 30 classic games including the Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong and Super Mario.  It hooks up to your TV using HDMI and features different viewing modes depending on whether you want a retro look or pixel perfection.  It’s available this month and priced at a reasonable $60.  If you want more than one player you will have to buy an additional $10 controller.

These are only some of the many, many techie toys being built in Santa’s Workshop this year.  Whichever ones you decide on, make sure they are charged and play ready for Christmas morning.  So, instead of batteries check your supply of accessories, apps and smart devices before the big guy in the red suit delivers them under your tree.

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