Keeping your computer clean

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The start of a new year is always a good time to take care of routine cleaning and that includes taking care of your computer. A properly maintained device will provide you with much higher speeds for both your RAM and on the internet regardless of your hardware setup and configurations.

Medical experts often remind us that prevention is the best medicine. This applies to your computer too. If you have ever had a hard drive crash, spent hours trying to remove a nasty virus or fried your CPU you know how painful the recovery of your machine can be.

Here are three things you can do keep your computer running in top shape for as long as you own it. Keep it physically clean, backup your data and update, update, update.

Keeping it clean

From your car engine to your dishwasher, most things run better when they are clean. Your computer is no different. Keeping your files and folders tidy in your virtual world and clearing the dust and grime that builds up inside and outside your computer all play a part in keeping your device running smoothly.

Your computer gets dusty no matter where it’s stored. Depending on how dusty it is where you use it, you should clean it at least a couple of times a year. If it’s really dusty, clean it every couple of months.

Remove the dust on the bottom with a vacuum (or cloth) and spray it with compressed canned air. Pay special attention to the CPU heatsink and the CPU fan. Hold the fan still while spraying it so you don’t cause it to spin out. If it does you will have noise when it reboots. Also spray the intakes to the power supply fan.

Backup Your Data
It’s so important to consistently and reliably backup the data stored on your hard drive. Once upon a time hardware was the most valuable part of your computer but now all those bits and bytes matter more.

You have probably spent plenty of money on software, digital music and videos as well as creating documents and organizing files. If you don’t regularly backup this information, a serious computer problem can leave you high and dry. It’s a simple process and if you don’t know how to do, Google it or watch a Youtube video.
Update your software.

The third step is to keep your computer updated with the latest patches, fixes and device drivers. This really helps you to prevent viruses, worms, junk mail, security breaches, hardware incompatibilities and software conflicts. All things that can bring your computer to a screeching halt. And, cost you a bundle to fix.

Updates are freely available on the Internet for just about every antivirus program, email client, operating system and hardware. Installing these help keep your computer out of harm’s way.
If you run into any issues with any of the procedures listed above give us a call. We do PC setups, virus scans and computer cleanup. Check out our list of services at

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