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If you are like many people, you use your iPhone as a camera nearly everyday.  We are always looking for apps that will enhance our pictures.  We’ve found five photo apps that can raise your picture taking skills up several notches and may be worthy of a space on your home screen. These are aimed at folks who have a basic skill level with using photo apps.

First up is Camera+ priced at $2.99.  Almost 10 million copies of this app have sold and it’s popularity is easy to understand.  This app lets you create professional looking photos with minimal effort thanks to the excellent manual controls for shooting, plus dozens of filters, frames and tweaks to help perfect each shot.

With Camera+ you can adjust settings before pushing the shutter button.  You can set the exposure and focus separately with a simple tap and drag.  There is also a built-in horizon level so pictures don’t start off askew.  Using this will adjust where the horizon (or sky) falls in perspective to the main subject in the picture.

After you snap your photos, you can give them a darkroom treatment with lots of built-in effects, frames and borders.  And, Apple Watch owners can use a companion app that allows for remote image capture with or without a timer.

Slow Shutter Cam priced at $1.99 brings new life to your photo toolbox by letting you capture a variety of amazing slow shutter speed effects. Your iPhone always tries to take fast, blur-free photos even when you might want a long exposure to show light trails or to convey a sense of motion. Slow shutter is great fix for this. It has three capture modes: Motion Blur, Light Trail and Low Light that lets you slow down your exposure.

Motion Blur lets you take over the shutter speed of the camera allowing you to create long exposures like adding a blur to a speeding car to make it appear to be going faster than it is.  Light Trail works really well after dark when taking images of moving light. And, the Low Light shutter speed is designed to capture as many photos as possible in dark places.

Snapseed is free and lets you retouch, adjust perspective, re-edit and add filters with the tap of a finger.  There are a number of tools that can create a faux depth of field, recognize faces and put them in perfect focus against a blurred background, and you can add filters that can be adjusted from subtle to outrageous.  This is an app everyone should have on their phone.

Aviary is another free app used by a lot of online blogging systems.  Use it as a photo editor. It does a great job with or without the extra filters and effects (at a $1 each).

The free capabilities are pretty amazing and offer nearly two dozen tools to remove blemishes, enhance photos with a tap, add filter effects, provide easy-to-use cropping tools, detailed control over lighting and shadows, adjust colors, sharpen images and rotate to any angle.

The in-app purchases are $1 each and allow you to add stickers and professional effects.

Our favorite app is, of course, the most expensive. The Pixelmator app costs $4.99 and is worth it.  A lot of people use it on their iPads more than their iPhones and they use it in place of Adobe Photoshop.

With Pixelmator you can shoot photos of up to 50 megapixels, import them and do all the retouching. It supports the Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro for on-image “painting” with a variety of brushes.

Pixelmator offers the ability to add layers to your photos.  Want to place a subject into a different background?  You can remove the existing one and add another as a layer, placing the subject on top of the new background.  And, you can blend it to make it look very realistic.

This is an outstanding app for any serious iPhone photographer and worth every penny you pay for the app.

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