SnowFox Tracks Your Kids

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Move over partner, there’s a new phone coming to town and parents everywhere are going to want one for their kid. According to a recent article on LiveScience, the Snowfox is a screenless phone for young children which helps parents follow their movements with a GPS tracker. The phone connects to a free iPhone or Android app which displays the current location and timeline movements of a single child.

It can send alerts and deliver notifications if they leave a location or arrive at one. Alerts sound if they wander away from the area where they are suppose to be. Up to five parent/guardians can view the child’s profile at the same time by using a map view showing the location of all the trackerphones linked to the app.

The new trackerphone comes in blue and pink and has a lanyard allowing it to be connected to a key ring or carabiner hook. It is waterproof and is a 2 x 2-inch square. The device’s battery and low-power electronics allows it to operate for about a week on a single charge. It can be recharged with a micro USB port.

Snowfox comes with a speaker and microphone allowing two-way phone calls. It contains a flexible antenna hidden within a durable nylon tag which helps provide 3G and 2G cellular service.

With only one button, Snowfox makes it easy for a child to make a call which goes to all the smartphones of the guardians listed on the phone. Any guardian can call the child who answers the call by pressing the same button again. Calls can be made by parents simply by using the app or by dialing the number.

An embedded SIM card with a local call-in number comes with each Snowfox. Plans that include unlimited voice and data are available on a pay-as-you-go plan for about $10 a month. The Snowfox is ready to use right out of the box.

There are currently a couple of products similar to Snowfox on the market, FiLIP from AT&T and GizmoPal from LG, which are wristwatches that have to be worn by the child.

An Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for Snowfox has been running since June and finished in early August. Snowfox will begin shipping to backers in October 2016. For those wondering about an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, it is an international website which allows people to solicit funds for an idea, charity or start-up business. They charge a 5 percent fee on all contributions.

Fifteen million people from all over the world visit the site on a monthly basis. Snowfox raised nearly half the amount they needed by mid-July. The device is already for sale in Finland and will be available in 10 countries to start — The United States, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

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