Why Social Media Works for Small and Medium Businesses

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Technology is changing the behaviors, activity levels and expectations of customers and successful businesses are adapting and incorporating the social media aspect of it into their business process.

A recent report issued by MarketingTechBlog found that 8 out of 10 small and medium-sized businesses are using social media to drive growth. Another survey of more than 500 small to medium businesses claim that last year they spent 21 percent of their media budgets on social media.

Those with the most success usually have developed a personalized marketing plan targeted toward specific markets. You may find greater results occur with this approach. Rather than using social media as a single-point solution, businesses need to incorporate it into many aspects. This includes using it as a resource for data, a tool for relationship building and sales and as a feedback loop for product and customer service improvements.

At WynWay Technologies we help our clients develop comprehensive and personalized social media marketing plans aimed at driving business in their door. One of the most common problems we see is that many small businesses just don’t know where to begin with social media.

The first step is to define who you are and why your customers should care about your business. They need to answer a few very simple questions: why did you start your business? How do you want to present it to the world. If someone else was describing what you do what would they say?

Often answering these few questions will provide a clearer vision of how to present your company and your products.

Next, you need to know who your customers are. Who will be attracted to your products, why do they want to buy them and what benefits do your products provide?

Once you have a clear picture of who you are and who your customers are you can find your social media voice. There are so many platforms for providing brand exposure with social media and each one offers tremendous advantages.

Each channel has a distinct personality and tends to attract certain target demographics. The more you learn about the intricacies of each social media channel, the better prepared you are to choose the right platform for your brand.

Facebook is easily the largest global social network but it only helps you if you know how to use it. While it’s most common demographic is it’s users who are aged between 25 and 34 years, it is also a good network for targeting older consumers who may not use any other social media networks such as Twitter or Instagram.

Twitter users are more likely to purchase products from the brands they follow on their accounts. Twitter also offers a number of benefits in terms of marketing as it is instantaneous and fairly simple to use. If you are considering using Twitter as a social media marketing tool you need to know that 90 percent of the people using it state they specifically follow businesses on Twitter to receive promos or discounts.

Pinterest is deeply embedded in the craft world and 90 percent of the pins created on it are done so by women. That is an important demographic. If you want to target women or crafts this is your go to media. Keep an eye on Pinterest as it is expanding quickly and more companies are using it as a sales and information platform.

Instagram is also a quickly expanding media. It is a fast and easy way to share photos with friends and has over 200 million users. It incorporates people from all age brackets but is particularly relevant in marketing to anything travel related and to young teens.

Once you identify which social media platforms best fit your marketing strategy, you need to determine the best type of content to post. Relevant content might include posts talking about what you are currently working on or expressing your appreciation of your customers. And, always make sure it is of interest to your followers. You have great flexibility because you can choose to write your own content or locate interesting content to share with your audience.

Regardless of which media tool you use it should link directly to your service homepage or your products. If you don’t have a homepage WynWay Technologies can create one for you.

Lastly, once you have developed a following on social media, it is important to post regularly. Make it a point to reply to all comments or mentions. Engage your audience. Don’t be afraid to ask people to follow you. Building a strong social media following takes time and effort but it is worth it.

WynWay Technologies can help you determine the right social media platform for your business and help you get started. Give us a call at 877-949-9644 , fill out our online form, or stop by to see what we can do for you.

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