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I recently ran across an interesting survey by online back-up specialists about things killed by technology. It included things like using a portable CD players, owning an encyclopaedia or printing photographs. It appears that most of the items on the British survey also applies to folks in the United States.

The list was printed in the British newspaper The Telegraph. It’s a good look at where technology has brought us Boomers and Gen Xers. In talking to my fellow coworkers (all millennials) I realized that several of the items listed were things they may have never experienced in their 20 something lives.

The survey showed that travel agents are becoming a thing of the past as most people opt to book online. Using a public telephone is also close to extinction for most of us. We don’t dial a number to hear a recording giving us the time or the weather nor do we use VHS to record movies or shows on the telly.

The poll included over 3,000 adults and examined the impact technology has had on our lives over the last 30 years. The list is posted at the end of this article. A few items don’t apply to those of us in the U.S. but overall most of what has been replaced in the British Isles has also disappeared or is waning here.

According to The Telegraph article specialists from, which commissioned the research, one in five people reveal they are never out of reach of an internet device. An average home has more than four computing devices in it–double what was found ten years ago.

And, it seems people are happy to pay the price for new technology as it seems their devices save them at least two hours per week in running errands.

Six in 10 people believe their lives are enriched by new technology because it allows them to manage the balance between their working lives and home.

Remember this is a British Poll so the language is a little different from our US version. Here is the list:

1. Ring the cinema to find out times
2. Going into the travel agents to research a holiday
3. Record things using VHS
4. Dial directory enquiries
5. Use public telephones
6. Book tickets for events over the phone
7. Print photos
8. Put a classified ad in the shop window
9. Ring the speaking clock (In the US this equals calling the time)
10. Carry portable CD players
11. Write handwritten letters
12. Buy disposable cameras
13. Take plenty of change for pay phones
14. Make mix tapes
15. Pay bills at the post office
16. Use an address book
17. Check a map before or during car journey
18. Reverse charges in payphones
19. Go into the bank to conduct your business
20. Buy TV listings (In the US this is equivalent to the TV Guide publication)
21. Own an encyclopaedia
22. Queue to get car tax in Post Office (Brits pay road taxes at the Post Office)
23. Develop and send off for photographs
24. Read a hard copy of the Yellow Pages
25. Look up something in dictionary
26. Remember phone numbers/Have a phone book
27. Watch videos
28. Have pen friends
29. Use a telephone directory
30. Use pagers
31. Fax things
32. Buy CD’s/ Have a CD collection
33. Pay by cheque
34. Make photo albums
35. Watch programmes at the time they are shown
36. Dial 1471 when you get home (In the US this is our temperature)
37. Warm milk or other hot drinks on stove
38. Try on lots of pairs of shoes on high street (In the US this would be any department store)
39. Hand wash clothes
40. Advertise in trading papers (In the US this would be our classified ads)
41. Send love letters
42. Hand-write essays/school work
43. Buy flowers from a florist
44. Work out how to spell something yourself
45. Keep a personal diary
46. Send post cards
47. Buy newspapers
48. Hang washing out in winter
49. Keep printed bills or bank statements
50. Visit car boot sales (In the US, we call them Yard sales, Tag sales or Rummage Sales)

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