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Shopping locally is important for environmental and economic sustainability.

When you shop locally you are supporting members of your own community who are vested in the health and success of the community. You travel less, and not shipping items means less carbon, pollution and traffic congestion.
According to PhysOrg,” a sustainable city is a place you love. A city’s sense of place — its identity — is a combination of its history, climate, and physical manifestations such as buildings and structures. In addition, its art and culture, businesses and industry, and people contribute to its sense of place.”

This sense of place creates a feeling of belonging and ownership for residents. It makes people care – and that caring is an important factor in creating a sustainable city.

Communities that preserve one-of-a-kind businesses with distinct character have an economic advantage. They build strong, sustainable and vibrant town centers that link neighbors in a web of economic and social relationships and contribute to local causes. They also recycle a much larger share of their revenue back into the local economy–keeping local dollars in the local community. Thus helping the area to become more self-sufficient and less dependent on imports.

Locally owned businesses create more jobs, and sometimes provide better wages and benefits than chain stores and other businesses. Their entrepreneurship fuels economic innovation and prosperity and is an important key in helping families move out of low-wage jobs and into the middle class.In fact, small local businesses are the largest employer nationally.

And, these employees generally provide better customer service. They understand their product(s) and take the time to get to know their customers. At WynWay Technologies we get this concept. We know our clients and strive to meet their technology needs. We know these are people we will see around town and on campus so we work hard at giving them great service.

Purchasing locally helps grow other businesses as well as the local tax base. Keeping dollars in Putnam County’s economy. Compared to chain stores, locally owned businesses recycle a much larger share of their revenue back into the local economy thus enriching the entire community. They also provide more support to nonprofits–nearly 250 percent more than big business contributes. Businesses like ours invest in the Chamber of Commerce, local community initiatives and in nonprofit projects.

Local stores like ours make better and more efficient use of lands and buildings–we don’t require strip malls or large infrastructures. We help to sustain vibrant, compact, walkable town centers that reduce automobile use, habitat loss, and air and water pollution.
We talk a lot about exerting influence with purchasing choices, or “voting with your wallet.” While businesses are influenced by money spent, your values and desires are much more influential to your local community business.

A marketplace of small businesses ensures innovation and low prices over the long term. It helps to move control from large boardrooms back to the local community.

Local ownership means that important decisions are made locally by people who live in the community and who will feel the impact of those decisions. And, building a sustainable community with local businesses who care like WynWay Technologies makes Putnam County a richer, healthier and more sustainable place for all of us.

Next time you need a service or product… think and shop local.

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