What’s New with Apple in 2016

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It looks like Apple is poised to have a busy year in 2016 with a number of new products set to be released. These include new versions of the iPhone, Apple Watch, MacBook Pro and Air Pad.

Let’s start with Apple’s biggest favorite product, the iPhone. It looks like September 2016 will see the release of two new iPhone models, the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus. Talk on the virtual street is that there will be a number of interesting changes with these new devices. Most notably there will no longer be a headphone jack. Instead you will use the device’s lightning port for audio-out. It is also rumored that the iPhone 7 will be waterproof and much thinner than its predecessor, will have 3GB of RAM and a larger battery.

News has leaked out about a new 4-inch iPHone model that is being called the iPhone 6c. It appears to be a snazzier iPhone 5s. However, it may have an A9 processor, come with 2GB of RAM, a slightly larger battery than what is currently in the iPhone 5s, a metal frame construction and support for Apple Pay. It could hit the shelves in April.

The next-gen Apple Watch 2 is expected to be unveiled in March. It should have several improvements over the original including a thinner display case, a FaceTime camera, enhanced Wi-Fi functionality and new sensors. New band colors and designs should also be available. Rumor is that the new Apple Watch 2 will be out in April.

Last year, Apple released a new iPad Pro rather than an iPad Air 3. There is a good chance that 2016 will see a new iPad Air roll out. Some of the early rumors about this next-gen device is that it will have a 4K display, an A9x processor and a little more RAM.

It won’t have a 3D Touch although some future iPad models will most likely include this feature. Possible launch date is March 2016.

Last but not least, it appears there will be a new MacBook Air introduced this year. A recent report out of China in November indicated that the new device would be updated with a thinner form factor and new design that will make it a lighter device.

It looks like Apple may introduce a 15-inch Air model for the first time in 2016. Nothing is official from Apple just yet, but we all know if we read it on the internet it must be true, right?

As soon as we hear what new products are officially launching this year, we will let you know. In the meantime if you need any help with your current iPhones or computers, give WynWay a call at 765-692-3100.

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