Wi-Fi May Help Us Live Like the 1960’s Jetsons

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Life today is becoming surprisingly similar to that of a 1960’s television cartoon called The Jetson’s. This animated show featured George, Jane, Judy and Elroy Jetson along with Rosie the Robot and their super modern house which ran everything by pushing a button. It seems we have finally achieved the life the Jetson’s had. All you need is a smart device and wireless internet.

As long as you have to pay for wireless internet you should take advantage of everything it offers. That sneaky signal can power a lot of things in your home and you may not even realize it. Your Wi-fi can provide home security, talk to your appliances, monitor the baby and the grandparents as well as print wirelessly and make your smartphone a remote.

Best of all, you can control and communicate with your appliances even when you aren’t home. You can download family-pleasing recipes from your range, turn on your washer/update cycles, and even command your robot vacuum to clean your living room carpet and kitchen floor. And all this can be accomplished whether you’re entertaining in the backyard or working in your office.

Below are some things you might want to consider putting on your home Wi-fi.

Home Security. Your Wi-fi network can run all sorts of new security services that do everything from monitor doors and locks to giving you access to real-time home surveillance no matter where you are. You can purchase Wi-fi enabled security cameras and door locks that can be activated from the network so you can check on kids at home after school or even open doors and garages.

Using Your Smartphone as a Remote. Did you know you can buy a switch that makes any power source accessible from your smartphone, giving you control of everything from the iron to the lights. Called “littleBits smart home switches” you can find them at your local hardware store.

A second option is to purchase specific smart home products that already have networking capability built in. In order to gain control of an appliance, thermostat or home monitor you only need to download that device’s corresponding application to your phone or tablet.

Talk to Your Appliances. There is lots of talk about these “smart” appliances and if you want to be part of this trend, it’s pretty easy. You can use a platform like “Nest” which will run home appliances like your dryer or oven. Nest was recently acquired by Google to power the company’s future generations of smart home connectivity.

With a smart oven, a Wi-Fi signal and an app on a smartphone or tablet will let you preheat remotely or even set the oven to cook. Never check on a load of laundry again. You can get a message from your smart dryer when a load is ready.

Monitor Home Temperature. You can control your home’s temperature and energy usage by installing a smart thermostat which connects through your home Wi-fi signal. You can cool or warm the house remotely as well as compare the inside temperature to the outside and program automatic adjustments.

Check the Baby and Protect Seniors. Today’s high-tech Wi-Fi enabled remote view baby monitors give you real time sound and video of your kiddies no matter where you are. New Wi-Fi enabled technology can help keep your aging loved ones safely at home as well. You can put a Wi-Fi tracking device on a parent and monitor their location, check if their medications are being taken properly and provide them with an emergency panic button.

Personal Cloud. You can download and install simple personal cloud software onto your home laptop or PC and create your own personal cloud storage system. This can take the place of services like Dropbox. There are several choices of personal cloud software available. They are OwnCloud, LogMeIn and BarracudaDrive.

These can share files between devices on your home network very quickly and you don’t have to worry as much about being hacked when you use a personal cloud. If you don’t want to store large amounts of data and don’t want to leave your computer on and accessible to the network all the time, you can opt for a Network Attached Storage (NAS). This is basically a big storage drive that stays online to share files.

Once you have your personal cloud set-up you can load movies and music and share it throughout all your home devices.

Print Wirelessly. Today’s Wi-Fi also makes setting up a wireless printer easy and convenient, and allows you to print from any tablet, phone or notebook on the network.

If you need help setting up any of these devices just give WynWay a call, we may be able to help.

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