How WynWay Computer Support Plan Can Work For You

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One of our favorite customers sent us the following message recently.

“George: You are a guy who is always doing good deeds, Bless you. A friend told me, in detail, yesterday how you pulled him out of a scam and he saved $500 through your immediate and thoughtful intervention. He gave you total credit for helping him through the thicket. I hope you and WynWay have nothing but great successes. I am sure you have already chalked up several, including a dozen or so on my behalf.”  Signed by Pat Aikman.

Lots of our clients come to us worried about being scammed, unable to navigate browsers and pages easily and sometimes confused about emails, viruses and popups?

An easy alternative to their technology blues is to opt for a Computer Support Plan that helps you troubleshoot and maintain optimal performance for your devices. We help people with their email, their apps, their browser settings, and their printers as well as eliminating popups, viruses and malware.  We’ve even been able to help a number of folks who were scammed, almost scammed or about to be scammed.

A WynWay Computer Support Plan can provide you with the help you need to make your electronic device life secure and stress free.  Computers, smartphones and tablets are integrated into our lives.  From calendars, documents and entertainment to social media we rely on these devices.  It can be frustrating to have an issue using them that you can’t solve.  With our Computer Support Plan you can give us a call and we can help you solve the problem immediately.

Another of our favorite clients describes WynWay as “Outstanding. Knowledgeable, patient, methodical, non-jargon-using, not patronizing, on time. Having this service on deck, just in case, has reduced my computer anxiety considerably.” Jane Jackson.

With our Computer Support Plan you get phone support with remote login assistance so you don’t have to bring your device in or wait for us to get to your home, we do it all by phone–speed boosts, virus, spyware and malware removal and unlimited questions.

“Service was excellent and everything explained clearly,” said Tech Support client Reta Pearson.

Our expert technicians can connect to your computer remotely and fix issues without you having to do anything but turn on the computer. We make sure you are safe and secure by removing any viruses affecting your computer, scanning for them regularly and making sure they don’t come back if you have one.

We have helped customers with things like finding lost emails and deleted items, installed itunes backup and gotten rid of malware threats.  Answered all kinds of how-to questions and provided tips and tricks to make their devices run more effectively.

“It’s very nice to call in with a question that is simple but you don’t know the answer, and get the issue resolved.  George can fix it over the phone without having to come to our house.  And, the price is certainly reasonable,” says WynWay Technologies customer Kay Weaver.

“We’ve had some very interesting things that George hadn’t seen before, but he was able to figure them out and fix them,” added Weaver.

How does a Computer Support Plan work?  You pay a monthly or yearly fee to WynWay which in turn provides you with technical help with virus removals, printer help, tune ups, speed boosts, troubleshooting, quick questions and online support.

Using a WynWay Computer Support Plan will keep your computer faster and optimized without the unexpected costs for repair and maintenance.  Slow computer problems are among the most common issues we encounter.  These can be the result of low memory space, hard disk or operating system glitches, virus or malware attacks or other issues.

The answer to some of these issues may include memory upgrades and management, cache cleaning, disk defragmenting or cleaning or virus removal and protection. Computer issues seriously affect work productivity, can cause missed deadlines or delayed services. Easy access to computer assistance from a team of local professionals via email or phone call can get your device back up and functioning in a short amount of time.

While our connected lifestyles bring us services and information they can sometimes unknowingly bring us unanticipated problems with security bugs.  Ranging from ad pop-ups to locking your system, from stolen social security numbers to hacking credit cards, security threats cause havoc on our digital lives.  A good Computer Support Plan can detect, quarantine or remove and prevent online security threats.

A WynWay Computer Support Plan offers a cost effective solution to many issues.  With a one-time subscription maintenance plan, you can save hundreds of dollars in hourly fees when you need computer help. Our plans are proven cost effective and convenient in resolving computer issues within a limited budget, without the hassle of finding a technician and negotiating prices.

Our plan offers cross device and cross platform support for a wide range of devices, regardless of the type of operating system or brand.

Leading a connected digital lifestyle is a lot easier when you have the right support plan.  WynWay Computer Support for individuals only costs $9.99 a month with a one-time setup fee of $49.99 for one device or you can pay $119.88 per year and receive our antivirus included free of charge with a one-time setup fee of $49.99 for one device.  You can add devices to the plan and payments can be set up automatically.

Business Computer Support is also available for $19.99 a month.

Call us today at 765-692-3100 to find your digital peace of mind.

At WynWay, we provide technology services to clients across the country while being locally owned and operated in Greencastle, Indiana. Feel free to stop into our office between 10:00 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

Mac repair

PC repair

Printer setup

Virus removal

Individual and Business Training

Individual and Business Monthly Tech Help

Are we missing something that you need? Contact us and we can work together to find a solution.

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